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Use technology to communicate with clients and partners. Connect with anyone, anywhere on any device!
The coronavirus (or COVID-19) has upended our lives. During this trying and unsettling time, community and communication is more important than ever. Doing business has changed. Online meetings, webinars and live streams are becoming more and more of a necessity. In a time of uncertainty, be proactive, adapt, stay connected and if you are not up to date with the latest technologically, don’t be afraid, because Studiorove has the solution for you. We will help keep your communications strategy on track with cost-effective, high-quality and engaging virtual events:

– Live Stream of Events and Conferences
Physical and geographical limitations can impact events no matter where there are scheduled to take place. Remove these barriers by live streaming your event to reach worldwide audiences, who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to consume it.

From one camera single web broadcasts to 5+ multi camera productions we have a variety of streaming options which will showcase your event to the world and give the audience an in the moment experience. Our webcasts can be viewed on all platforms and they can be embedded into websites, social media or your desired online location. The webcast is fully customize-able including live captions, name tags, watermarks, presentation slides and ads. All the footage is recorded simultaneously and can be edited, viewed and transferred at a later date.

Additional revenue from your event can be generated by charging a fee for online attendees to access streamed sessions. Optimize the events earning potential.
Live streaming can increase business opportunities worldwide and if you are considering a stream please contact us for more details

– Webcasting and Webinars
Webcasting is another tool that can enable communication with a remote worldwide audience and deliver your content in a professional manner. A large number of participants/delegates can attend virtually. Working in a one to many model, host speakers can use a variety of presentations and media.

virtual stream solutions, live hybrid events, microsoft teams meetings, zoom webinars,Webcasts can be viewed on any device, anywhere in the world (providing the viewer has reliable internet connection).
Webinars are like webcasts but in a smaller more collaborative scale. Webinars can incorporate interactive features like real time Q&A, chat boxes and message boards – allowing real-time engagement and interactions between presenters and online attendees to take place.
There are plenty of webinar software packages out there for people to use such as Zoom and Webex; Studiorove is on hand to provide any assistance that you may need for setting up and providing support for web based meetings.

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