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What do we offer?

Live Streaming & Virtual Events

From one camera single web broadcasts to 7+ multi camera productions we have a variety of streaming options which will showcase your event to the world and give the audience an in the moment experience. Our webcasts can be viewed on all platforms and they can be embedded into websites, social media or your desired online location. The webcast is fully customize-able including live captions, name tags, watermarks, presentation slides and ads. All the footage is recorded simultaneously and can be edited, viewed and transferred at a later date.


We produce high quality cinematic productions which deliver your message to the right audience. With over 15 years experience in producing short films and documentaries, promotional videos, event documentations and aerial photography/videography, we offer a full service from script to screen. <br><br>

Audio/Visual Services

We offer full Audio Visual services for your events including full lighting rigs, LED screens, audio setup and PA systems. Our state of the art equipment allows your stream to look and sound professional.

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