Welcome to Studiorove!

Multi-camera live streaming and virtual event service.

Events, conferences and meetings have changed dramatically in a short space of time. Virtual and online is the new way of holding events and Studiorove is here to help. Our team of experts provides full end to end solutions, for small and large, online broadcasts.

We provide initial user registration, event content, marketing of event, branding and graphics, full onsite or virtual production, broadcast to desired platform and user interactivity, so that you can feel assured that your event will run smoothly to the highest standards.

  • Onsite multi camera live streams
  • Virtual conferencing and meetings
  • Webinars
  • Online workshops and training days
  • Secure logins

Our Mobile Studio

Our mobile studio, is a state of the art 4K multi-camera setup that allows us to record your event from multiple angles, edit it as events unfold live stream it to your, website, video platform, Youtube or Facebook channel, which means instant connection with your clients or followers.

We offer full packages which include audio, lighting and projector/screen options.

We Record and Stream:

Conferences, meetings and events. Both onsite and virtually!

Shows and concerts

Funerals and weddings plus other church events

  • Sports events
  • Theater productions
  • Online workshops
  • Educational presentation and e Learning
  • Live auctions and sales events
  • Government/Co Council events/meetings
  • In-Store product launch/demo

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