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Live Event Video Production – Instant Delivery!

Studiorove is a mobile television studio that record and/or live stream your event to the world. We use a 5+ multi-camera setup to record your event and provide instant delivery of content.

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  • Live Gigs

  • Sports Events

  • Theater Productions

  • Shows and Concerts

  • Corporate Meetings and Events

  • Virtual Meetings

  • Live Auctions and Sales Events

  • Church Events and Services including funeral homes

  • In-Store Product Launch/Demo

  • Educational Presentation and e Learning

  • Government/Co Council Events/Meetings

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Our Mobile Television Studio includes

  • 5+ 4k Broadcast Cameras

  • Headset communication with camera operators

  • Can include output from computers and tablets

  • Prerecorded video can be integrated into the live stream

  • The ability to add up to 4 remote presenters to the stream, much like a correspondent on the evening news

  • Each camera can be recorded separately

  • ¬†Instant edit and delivery on up to 25 SD cards

  • Option to add logos and graphics

  • Full service audio for live events

  • Lighting and grip services

  • Aerial drone options

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Live Streaming

From one camera single web broadcasts to 5+ multi camera productions we have a variety of streaming options which will showcase your event to the world and give the audience an in the moment experience. Our webcasts can be viewed on all platforms and they can be embedded into Facebook or a similar site. The webcast is fully customize-able including live captions, name tags, watermarks, presentation slides and ads. All the footage is recorded simultaneously and can be edited, viewed and transferred at a later date.

Some of the key feature of our live streaming

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Embedded into website, multiple websites or social media

Password protected for Pay-Per-View

Logos, Lower Thirds, Watermarks, Titles and more can be incorporated to the broadcast.

Advertisements, pre-recorded video and other content can be added.

Instant update on titles e.g scoreboardsSligo Video Production Service, Live event video, live shows and awards video production and stream,

Picture in Picture. eg. Speaker with lecturer slide or another speaker in another shot, both on screen at the same time.

Easily integrated with existing communications such as Skype, which can be added to the stream.

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 Stream to multiple players at the same time. ie Facebook and Website.

It can be viewed on all platforms including iPhones, iPads, etc